My Objective as a Speaker is to
Motivate and Inspire my Listeners ...

  • to think, feel and act differently as a result of my words
  • to make them take action of some kind
  • to motivate them to 'march forward'

The common denominator that unites business owners is that they all want to be financially successful.

Therefore, everything I talk about relates to how they can use certain ideas and techniques to increase their revenue with profitability.

What's YOUR Objective
and Expected Outcome?

"How Much Do You Charge?"

It depends on  ...

  • the length of the talk that you want me to give, or the workshop you want me to facilitate; and
  • the amount of time it takes for preparation.

The longer the talk, the less it costs.

The shorter the talk, the greater the preparation and precision needed to deliver the talk within the time constraints allotted. An all day talk can be filled with stories, examples and various points that revolve around the topic. The shorter talk must deliberately focus and concentrate on only those key elements that are necessary to get the message across.

"How Do I Get A Quote?"

So often, an organisation hires a speaker who promises to customize and tailor their talk to the audience but makes no effort at all to do so. As I'm results driven, I need to gather and collate a lot of information before creating a talk.

By following the steps below, the process ensures that we achieve the intended result.

  • 1. Click on the button above: What's YOUR Objectives and Expected Outcomes?
  • 2. Complete the form
  • 3. I'll then Skype you to discuss and agree on exactly how you want the audience to think, feel and act after the talk or seminar or workshop
  • 4. We finalize the price, administration and logistics
  • 5. Once we are both clear, I shall then design the talk or workshop, from beginning to end, and present you with the outline for your input and approval
  • 6. I deliver the talk or workshop
  • 7. Afterwards, I follow up with any action required form my side.

"Can You Do a Live Talk or Workshop Through a Webinar ?"

Yes. The world has become a virtual global village. The Internet has provided tools to be able to hold live sessions which are convenient and very cost effective.

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